Bonafide Muscle Burst Whey Protein 80 %



To meet the need of people, Bonafide introduces Muscle Burst Whey 80 %. Muscle Burst is a superior quality whey protein concentrate has been imported and is loaded with branched chain amino acids which are rapidly delivered to target muscles to encourage muscle growth.

It helps in fast recovery and builds muscles more effectively.

Bonafide Muscle Burst Whey Protein can be used in both Pre and Pro workout. It promotes max muscle growth as it provides a fast stream of amino acids to muscle tissue, which leads to increase the endurance and decrease the muscle breakdown during work out. After work out Whey enhances muscle recovery and boost muscle protein synthesis

Direction for use :- 33 gram (one heaped scoop) in 180 ml-200ml of water or milk twice a day or use as recommended by a dietician or as advised by trainer.

1 kg : – 2900
2kg : – 5400
4 Kg : – 10400

Available in four delicious flavor: – Vanilla Blast, Strawberry Punch, Chocolate Fantasy, Rich Banana

Why Muscle Burst Whey 80 %

  • Easy Digestible
  • Absorbed Quickly
  • Low in Carbs , Fats , Calories and tastes great
  • Rich in branched chain amino acids
  • Promoting the formation of glutathione
  • Support the immune system
  • Reduce Hunger


1kg, 2kg, 4kg


Chocolate Fantasy, Rich Banana, Strawberry Punch, Vanilla Blast

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