Bonafide Muscle meal



Bonafide Meal Replacer is loaded with Carbohydrates, Fibre , Vitamins and Minerals which helps towards the weight maintenance. The core benefit of Bonafide Muscle Meal is, it has no maltodextrin, as it is avoided most of the time by body builders because it is easily absorbed by the body and it get into the blood stream fast. If there is nothing to do like repair muscle tissue or give energy, it will get stored as fat.
Hard core trainers want high quality low glycemic carbs that feed their muscles with glycogen and don’t convert easily into fat. Keeping this thing in mind in Bonafide Muscle Meal we have used carbs source from oats and barely flour. Grain source carbs increase the amount of fibre content while reducing the sugar content.
Taking a meal replacement shakes, helps you to stay on a track of low calorie diet and also load your body with essential nutrients as well.

Why Bonafide Muscle Meal
Balanced Meal For Weight Management
Get Leaner and Stronger
Meet Body Nutritional Needs

Chocolate Fantsay

1 kg :- 1900
2.5 kg :- 4500

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